As of 28 JUN 2019
(UPDATED JUL 1, 2019)

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***Summer Training Important Information***

Below is a link to the summer training documents available online. All information regarding summer training courses, inclusive of joining instructions (JIs), forms, kit lists, etc. can be found at the below link. The JIs contain all pertinent information required to prepare you for your course. Generally, most summer training related questions can be answered via the JIs; therefore in the interest of saving time, please refer to the JIs for answers to your questions prior to emailing or calling.

You can find the JIs for this year in the Resources section of our squadron website:

Important Points of Info:

1) Joining Instructions (JIs): Ensure this document is read in its entirety by both cadet and parent;

2) Summer Training Centre Specific Info: This document contains info specific to each cadet training centre (CTC). Contact numbers, driving directions, visitation hours, graduation parades, mailing addresses, etc. can be found on this document. Although phone numbers for the CTC are indicated on these documents, as identified during the summer training briefing, it is important that you contact the summer contact officers first prior to communicating with the CTC.

3) Medical Info: The medical forms must be filled entirely. If additional space is required, either print an additional form or indicate on the front of the form that more information is noted on the back. Any medical conditions, regardless of its severity, must be noted on this form. Cadets that have an epi-pen MUST fill out the additional two forms that are attached (ie: consent form & emergency plan). Additionally, those cadets with food sensitivities OR non-food related anaphylaxis must fill out the corresponding forms attached as well. Prescription medication (in properly marked vials with a sufficient amount to last for the entire duration of the course), over the counter (OTC) medication, prescriptions, glasses, etc. must all be indicated on this form. OHIP or private medical insurance cards must also be brought by the cadet. The original health insurance card (not a photocopy) must be on the cadet at all times. As indicated during the summer training briefing, a lanyard, pouch, pocket clip, etc. may be effective in safely securing these documents to your person.

4) Transportation: Info regarding departure and arrival dates will be made available ASAP. This info. is still being coordinated by our local, regional, and national offices and will be communicated to the squadrons shortly. In the interest of saving time, this information will be communicated via email. A reply back to the email containing your travel information is expected. If no replies are received, a phone call will be made. Anyone wishing to drive to the CTC on their own is expected to inform us ASAP. Parents wishing to pick up their son/daughter following the graduation parade are to indicate this on the respective form (found on the aforementioned link) and inform us as well. A squadron staff member will be present on site during cadet departures to address any last minute concerns you may have. A reminder that cadets are to travel in summer dress with no rank slip-ons, medals, or ribbons (wedge, blue dress shirt, blue pants, pant belt, grey cadet issued socks, boots, laces). A picture of this (C5 Uniform) can be found on page 9 of the following link: Numbered Orders of Dress (available in the Resources section of

The following 3 pieces of documentation will be required from the cadet before he/she is permitted on any DND transport:
a) Health Card or proof insurance
NOTE: Parents, please ensure that documents are not expired.
b) Signed offer of participation
c) Cadet Transportation Form (Found in the JIs)

If any of these documents are missing or incomplete on departure date, your cadet may not be permitted to depart.

5) Money/Calling Cards: As discussed in the summer training briefing, it is advised that calling cards be brought to the CTC. Parents, as indicated earlier, if your child does not contact you upon arrival at the CTC, this should not be a reason to be concerned. If you expect a phone call from your child upon arrival, please instruct them to contact you. It is advised that between $20-$40 be brought by the cadet to make any expenses within the first week of their course, however this is not mandatory.

6) Personal Appearance: As cadets will be evaluated on their performance throughout their course, cadets are reminded that their personal appearance (hair, facial hair, make up, jewellery, uniform, etc.) must adhere to the dress regulations. Cadets are expected to arrive at their departure location adhering to uniform standards. Physical Training (PT) clothing will be provided at the CTC if they have not already been provided at the squadron. Uniform standards can be found at the following link: Illustrated References (available in the Resources section of

A reminder that cadets must bring 2-3 pairs of athletic shorts (colours indicated in the JIs) and running shoes.

7) Forms: It is important that all forms be completed regardless of whether they apply to you or not. These forms must be readily accessible upon arrival at the departure point. Photocopies of these forms should be made in the event they are lost. It is imperative that the code of conduct form (amongst all other forms) be read and understood by both cadet and parent. Some forms may ask for a signature from a unit officer, this form may be signed prior to boarding the bus or at the CTC itself. Cadets MUST have their signed offer of participation with them prior to the boarding the bus. Cadets without this form will not be permitted to board.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the below information. Effective today, emails (best method of contact) will be answered within 2-3 business days. Best of luck on all your courses!

Primary Summer Contact Officer – Captain Nigel Manoharan - or