As of 18 mar 2019

We hope you enjoyed the week off cause We’re back this Wednesday!

CI Laflamme and CV Caster can use some help in Supply on Mondays. If you can lend a hand, come on down.

As of 11 mar 2019

We might not be at LHQ (Danforth Tech) this week, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t still busy!

This week’s activities:

  • Wednesday - Toronto Sportsmen’s Show

  • Thursday - 400 Sqn RCAF familiarization tour!

  • Friday - Emergency First Aid course

Check out the calendar for more details!

As of 8 mar 2019

Please note that the last day for new member registrations is 27 March. Applications will not be accepted after the deadline and will reopen September 2019.

AS of 4 mar 2019

Supply has received more uniform parts - please see the Uniform page for details.

This Wednesday 6 March 2019 is a CO’s parade. All cadets are expected to be in uniform. All cadets without uniform, are to be in Black and Whites. Per the SWO, cadets should be arriving with a change of clothes (Black and Whites) should their uniform not be up to inspection standards.