Biathlon is a combination of cross-country (skate) skiing and marksmanship. It requires tremendous endurance and strength as well as skill and precision. Unpredictable elements including weather and wind conditions make this outdoor sport a fun and rewarding challenge that thousands of cadets participate in each year.

Cadet biathletes participate in a series of competitions at the local level that culminate in provincial / territorial competitions and an annual National Cadet Biathlon Championship. Many of our cadets have long reaped the benefits of competitive biathlon programs at the local, zone, provincial / territorial and national levels. Whether you are aiming for success or achievement in biathlon/physical fitness or just interested in participating in an exciting sport - there are golden opportunities available through cadet biathlon.

What is skate skiing? Where as classical skiing is track-set and involves the skier using a running-man/kicking motion to propel themselves; skate-skiing is skiing with a skating motion like one would using in hockey.