Effective Speaking

Every year cadets within the squadron are given the opportunity to participate in the Effective Speaking Program, which leads to the opportunity to compete in the regional, provincial, and national level amongst air cadets across the country.

Cadets will participate in 7 workshops in November and December, and compete at the Squadron-level competition. The winner will proceed to the regional level.

Any cadet member of the squadron is eligible to participate. Cadets are required to prepare a five to six minute speech from a list of provided topics and a two to three minute impromptu speech provided during the competition. The competition adheres to a very strict structure; rules are enforced to ensure all competitors are provided a fair and rewarding experience. Those cadets interested in participating in the squadron effective speaking competition are strongly advised to look through the below documents and speak to their NCO immediately. Topics and competition structure can be found in the effective speaking handbook below. Looking forward to hearing some awesome speeches; good luck! 

Workshop information

Every other Thursday night starting from 4 Oct 18 - 24 Jan 19, 1830 - 2030 hrs at Danforth Tech in Room A73.

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