All cadets are expected to meet certain requirements. As recruits, you’re biggest requirement is to show up.

Attendance expectations
Family issues, sickness and other circumstances notwithstanding, cadets are expected to meet a minimum attendance of 60%. Your goal however, should be to attend greater than 75%. What does that mean in terms of days? Every Wednesday and majority of weekend activities.


cadet code of conduct

All cadets are expected to obey the rules outlined in the Code of Conduct.

What is a code of conduct? It’s a document that outlines appropriate behaviour for a cadet. Each cadet when they join 330 (or any squadron/corps) reads and signs this document.


uniform agreement

If there’s anything that brings us together, provides a strength of unity, it’s our uniform. The uniform isn’t just a collection of clothes. It’s a source of pride. A source of identity.

Maintain it properly. Wear it proudly.



Your safety is of the highest importance. There are a few rules that guide us. Personal space is to be respected. A senior cadet or officer never asks a junior to do something they wouldn’t do themselves. And, You can always let someone higher up that you are not comfortable doing somethin.