Ground School

The 330 ground school program is open to all cadets interested in becoming a glider and/or power pilots. This comprehensive course is designed to help our cadets succeed on the Glider and Power Pilot Scholarship courses held in the summer at various training centres across Canada. Instructors carry out weekly classes that cover material on Theory of Flight, Meteorology, Radio and Air Law, Navigation and much more. To be selected for one of these scholarships, a cadet must pass a qualifying examination, write a 500 word narrative and go though an interview that is held annually by the Ontario Provincial Committee. More information is outlined in the latest orientation document.

If you're interested in attending, our classes are every Tuesday at 1830h at Royal Canadian Legion Branch 22 (1240 Woodbine Avenue) on the second floor.


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National Flying Scholarship PIP 2017

The purpose of these guidelines is to help eligible Glider and Power Scholarship applicants prepare for, and hopefully achieve a satisfactory score on the Qualifying Examination.


  1. Download the ZIP folder and extract the files onto your computer.

  2. PowerPoint is required to run the PIP. If you do not have PowerPoint installed, you can download a free PowerPoint Viewer from Microsoft.

  3. Open the National Flying Scholarship PIP 2017 folder.

  4. Click and open the START.ppsx file and begin your journey!


DO NOT start clicking buttons immediately. Ensure you read the screen and then follow the instructions. This Flying Scholarship Program Instruction Package (PIP) was designed to be user friendly, but you must take your time at first until you are familiar with the package. It will require approximately 40 hours to complete the PIP. Take your time and don’t wait until the last minute to start it. 

Supplementary Documents