Staff cadet opportunities

Staff cadets (SCdt) are the NCOs of the Cadet Training Centres. A staff cadet can assist the officer staff with the instruction and supervision of cadets, or might be tasked in an administrative or logistical support role. Rank and pay for staff cadets depend upon the position; this is usually determined during a pre-course training and evaluation period. A staff cadet applicant must be at least 16 on 1 Jan 18 and will have completed level 4 before starting in the summer. This is a 7-week opportunity.

Being a SCdt is an excellent opportunity to practice and develop your leadership skills in a full-time military environment. You will be challenged and your skills will be put to the test. In the end, this is a very rewarding experience for all. 

Application and selection process

If you meet the prerequisites, then you may apply for a SCdt position much like any other regional training course. You must, however, indicate which CTC you would you like to work at and in which position. Research the positions available by looking at the SCdt position slates for each CTC. You are not restricted to any CTC and you have the opportunity to apply to any CTC in Ontario and the country. Out of Region positions are a unique opportunity to travel, however, they are also more rare to get—but apply anyway, you never know!