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The Royal Canadian Air Cadet Program is without a doubt Canada's BEST youth development program. Our program develops and engages the youth of our country in uniquely remarkable ways unlike any other program around. Our program focuses on developing and leading youth through leadership training, citizenship and community service, healthy living, and aviation studies.

Although our program is funded in part by the Department of National Defence (DND) and the Air Cadet League of Canada, 330 Danforth Tech Squadron participates in additional fundraising initiatives in order to ensure we can continue to deliver an optimal program to our youth. With your help, we can continue to ensure that the future of our country, our youth, are developed and stimulated in tremendous way that will continue to ensure their future success and ultimately that of our country!


How Will Your Support Help 330 Danforth Tech Squadron? 

We deliver nearly $5000 in engaging, exciting and stimulating activities to each cadet every year, at only $50 cost per cadet! 330 Danforth Tech Squadron participates in our own fundraising initiatives to support the following, but not limited to, areas and ultimately the development of our cadets: 

  • school permit fees

  • meals for cadet activities

  • buses to various training locations

  • admission fees to various venues (e.g. campsites, museums, etc.)

  • instruments and various other band accessories

  • biathlon and marksmanship training

  • aviation studies (e.g. theory books, flight computers, etc.)

  • administration/logistical fees (e.g. squadron phone, website)

  • physical training (e.g. sports equipment, sports uniforms, etc.)

  • community volunteer/outreach days (e.g. rakes and garbage bags for legion clean up days)

If you are interested in providing a monetary donation or have equipment or resources that will continue to allows us to deliver our exciting program, check out some of the options below or contact us at


  • Sponsor a cadet to JOIN - $75.00:

    A $75 donation will cover the annual fee for one cadet who may otherwise not be able to participate. If there is no cadet in need, the money will go towards cadet activities.  While you will not receive a photo in the mail of the cadet you sponsor and the cadet will remain anonymous, rest assured that you will have opened a world of new opportunities for one of our cadets – a great investment into our community! Click here to sponsor a cadet to JOIN!

  • Sponsor a cadet to LEARN - $150.00:

    The Air Cadet program aims to cultivate conscientious Canadian citizens and develop future leaders both in our local and national community.  Your $150 donation will go towards activities such as Leadership, Air Studies, Sports, and Survival skills. Click here to sponsor a cadet to LEARN!

  • Sponsor a cadet to GROW - $250.00:

    Your $250 will allow cadets the opportunity to further enhance their already
    acquired skills, and provide them with opportunities to implement what they've
    learned. Donations will be used towards competitions, performances, trips, and a variety of other activities that will ensure our cadets' continued growth. Click here to sponsor a cadet to GROW!

  • Join the 330 Club - $330.00:
    Join the 330 club by donating $330 to the squadron. In return, you will receive exclusive 330 benefits: acknowledgement at the Annual Ceremonial Review; receive VIP seating at cadet events; an invitation to our annual mess dinner; and a 330 challenge coin. Tax receipts are included for all donations. Click here to join the 330 Club!

  • Join the Margaret French 330 Gold Club - $660.00:
    Double up your donation, by donating $660, to make a generous impact and receive benefits over and above the 330 club benefits. Your name will or organization will also be added to our organization's key founder's plaque. Click here to join the Margaret French 330 Gold Club


Does your business want to become active in the local community? 330 Squadron invites you to become one of our sponsors. In appreciation of your donation, we will provide you with a squadron plaque, so you can be a part of our team and advertise your partnership. If you donate over $10 000, the 330 squadron band will come play at one of your events! Contact us at for more info! Click here to make a corporate donation!

Have Resources to Donate?

Aside from monetary donations, 330 squadron is always looking for a variety of resources that will help us to deliver an exciting program to our cadets. Tax receipts can be provided for select items. We are always open to new resources that will help us enhance our program. Examples of items that will benefit the training our cadets receive are: 

  • camping equipment (tents, lanterns, stoves, etc.)

  • sports equipment (hockey nets, hockey sticks, balls, padding, etc.)

  • information technology equipment (photocopiers, printers, paper, ink computers, laptops, extension cords etc.)

  • instructional aids (model airplanes, two way radios, flip chart paper, etc.)

  • printing services (recruiting brochures, posters, flyers, etc.)

  • embroidery services (polo shirts, team jerseys, etc.)

  • instruments, valve oil, music, drum major mace, conductor stick, music stands

  • facilities (sports areas, drill team practice areas, shooting ranges, etc.)

  • food services (meals for events, beverages, etc.)

Contact us at for more information on how you can support our cadets through your resources.

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Donate to the squadron

Interested in winning awesome cars and tons of cash?

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Want to help positively transform the life of a young person?

Well then, purchase a lottery ticket from 330 Squadron and you could have the chance of doing just that! Funds raised through the sale of lottery tickets supports the positive development of our cadets through summer training programs, international exchanges, flight training and so much more! Tickets are only distributed through Air Cadet Squadrons in Ontario, so your chances of winning are high! Tickets are only $30 for 6 tickets or $60 for a book of 12... but the impact you’ll make on a young person is priceless!

Thanks for your continued support of our youth…the future of our country!

$30 for six tickets
$60 for 12 tickets

Registration fees

If you would like to make a donation of $60 in place of a lottery book, please complete the form below and submit it to the SSC to receive a tax receipt.

Lottery book donation form