Cadets are expected to take good care of their issued uniform and wear it properly, and with pride. It is the responsibility of cadets to ensure that they are in proper dress with respect to, and that their personal deportment conforms to, the standards that are outlined in the Air Cadet Dress Regulations (CATO 55-04).

If you require uniform parts, please contact the supply officer.

The following is a status update for cadets awaiting Uniform parts. For sake of efficiency, there is no need to see Supply to ask whether your uniform has arrived. Please refer back regularly to this site and/or our facebook page until we resolve the uniform issue. If in the case a uniform or parts have arrived before this page can be updated, the Supply Officer will seek the cadet out.

AS OF JUN 12, 2019

At this current time, Supply is awaiting the shipping of a large number of uniforms. Please stay tuned.
This page will be updated accordingly.

Cadets with orders placed, but not yet picked/shipped by supplier

  • St. Pierre (pants)

  • Agarwal, S (jacket)

Cadets with orders that have been shipped but have not yet arrived

  • McHugh (Tunic)

Cadets with uniforms/parts that are ready for pickup.

  • Ullah (remaining parts)

  • Chowdhury (remaining parts)



All cadets are encouraged to see Supply on Monday’s for uniform sizing. Doing so can speed up the process of getting needed parts to you. Recruits are also more than welcome to see Supply on Mondays, as it interferes less with regular training nights.

Sizing involves measurement of eight different points - head, neck, chest, waist, hips and feet (length/width) - and can be tricky if cadets wear baggy clothing. It is recommended that a cadet arrives for sizing wearing properly fitting clothes for accurate sizing.

Parade boots are measured using UN Mondopoint. This method of measuring is far more accurate than a typical shoe sizing scale in measuring foot length. However, it cannot necessarily and accurately measure foot width if a cadet has foot issues (i.e. flat feet, fallen arches, pronation/supination). If a cadet is required to wear orthotics, they should inform the Supply officer as this will aid in correct boot sizing.

Note: CI Laflamme can detect but cannot diagnose the aforementioned issues. It is recommended that a cadet be brought to a medical practitioner for proper assessment. Happy feet… happy cadet.


Supply will never say “No” to hangers. If you are looking to clear your closet of hangers, we can always use thin wire or plastic types. Note: As much as we would like to take thicker coat hangers to hang Parkas, our space is limited, hence the preference for thinner hangers.