Uniform and Equipment requests

For cadets needing uniform parts to be replaced, please use the form below to enter in your request. Before entering your request, please check the uniform parts you currently have for their sizing. This will assist supply in finding the next available size up. Once the Supply Officer confirms, please bring back items washed and folded (or hung on hanger) and ready to be put back into squadron stock. 

To facilitate the uniforming of our recruits, Supply will NOT be accepting any returning cadets on Wednesday, unless they have made an appointment. Mondays will be open-door until November 11, 2019. Due to the nature of Supply and issuing of uniforms to recruits, the Supply Officer will be providing appointments to cadets needing new uniform pieces such as shirt, tunic, pants or boots. Please allow a few days for the request to be processed. No confirmation or appointment will be provided for smaller uniform parts (i.e. wedge, tie, socks, etc.); they will be made ready and available on the following LHQ night - You are not required to see the supply officer for these requests as they will come to you once they are filled.

Supply will be closed temporarily between November 12 and January 8th, 2020, for much needed renovations. Please note that during this time uniform items may be requested through your level officer.

How to use this form:

  1. Check the uniform parts you have already, for the sizing and care tag. (Examples provided below)

  2. Check off the parts you need to replace

  3. Use the comment section to tell the Supply Officer the size of the items you're returning.

  4. Click submit!

  5. Click on the “CLICK HERE FOR APPOINTMENT BOOKING TOOL” text to select an appointment time via Doodlepoll (this will open another window in your browser).

Name *
Phone *
In case a fitting appointment needs to be cancelled by Supply.
I need the following: *
Please indicate the uniform parts you need to replace.
Please enter in the following field the current size of the item(s) Please use the format: Shirt - 14.5 Pants - 6428 Boots - 250/100
Agreement/Understanding *
By clicking "SUBMIT REQUEST", I understand that the Supply Office will do their best to fulfill my request as soon as possible. If a (uniform) part does not exist in the squadron's inventory, I understand that it may take some time before it will be supplied to me. I also understand that the time I have selected may not be given to me; is subject to substitution; that it is completely my responsibility to check my email for my appointment confirmation; to show up for the date and time I have been approved for; and that failure to show up for my appointment will push back when I am served by the Supply office.


(clicking this link will open another window) After that window opens, please come back to this one to finish submitting your uniform issue.