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Tag Day Fundraiser

  • Royal Canadian Legion - Branch 10 1083 Pape Ave. Toronto (map)

Where: Royal Canadian Legion Branch 10 - 1083 Pape Ave. Toronto

OPI: CI Emond 

Transportation: Cadets must make their own way to and from the legion. Parent drivers are needed to transport cadets to and from their various tagging locations. Drivers can click here to access the driver information log. 

Food: Meal allowance will only be provided to cadets tagging over the lunch hour. Cadets must eat a nourishing meal prior to attending their tagging shift.  

Dress: C1 Full Uniform. 


Click here to access the important tag day letter distributed to cadets and parents. 

What is Tagging?: Tagging is our sqn's semi annual fundraiser and our primary source of funding for all cadet activities. Cadets are dispersed (in uniform) across the East York community, around various retail locations and public places, and request donations to directly benefit our sqn. In turn, donors receive an "I Support Air Cadets" tag to place on their clothing, etc. 

Where does the Money Go?: All proceeds raised go directly to sqn activities. Some expenses include, buses, meals, admission fees, equipments, permits, etc. The more money we raise, the more activities we can conduct. 

How to Fundraise Effectively?: The key to acquiring a lot of donations is to ASK EVERYONE! "Good Morning Sir/Ma'am, would you like to help support the Air Cadet program?" Members of the public may decline your request, but the more you ask, the more donations you may receive. BE CLEAR, CONCISE, AND LOUD. You may only have a few seconds to interact with someone walking past you, if you are clear, concise, and loud, you have a better chance of being heard/understood, e.g. "Good morning Sir/Ma'am, help support air cadets?". BE POLITE AND COURTEOUS. Even if someone declines your request, say "thank you" or "have a nice day", some people may return to donate after noticing how polite you are. Ensure you LOOK GOOD. Don't slouch, chew gum, laugh with your buddy, lean against a wall, play with your collection box, speak inappropriately. Ensure your UNIFORM LOOKS GOOD as well. Additionally, don't spend long periods of time on break away from your tagging post. The longer you are out collecting money, the more we can raise. 

How Many Shifts MUST I Attend?: All cadets MUST attend a minimum of 4 out of 6 shifts. Click here to access the tag day letter that outlines all 6 shifts. 

What is our Goal?: As a sqn we must raise a minimum of $12 000, that's about $160 a cadet or $40 a shift - MINIMUM. The more money we raise the more activities we can have. Prizes will be awarded to top taggers and those who raise their minimum amounts AND attend a minimum of 4 shifts.