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Snowshoeing @ Glen Haffy **CANCELLED**

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel this activity due to the expected weather for this weekend. The conditions will be largely unfavourable to the success and enjoyment of this activity.

Snowshoeing and Hiking activity
330 Squadron will be heading up to Glen Haffy Conservation Area in Caledon to engage in snowshoeing and hiking familiarity. This event will be outdoors all day and cadets are to be dressed accordingly. This activity will include an on-site pre-course of how to snowshoe across varied terrain offered at Glen Haffy and the Bruce Trail.

Glen Haffy Conservation Area
When: 24 Feb 2019
All cadets are able to attend, however this event is capped at 40 cadets.

OPI: CI Laflamme
NCOIC: Sgt Joshua Khan

Transportation: Provided. Times TBA
Rendezvous: LHQ Sunday morning - Exact time TBA

Food: Lunch to be provided. Cadets are allowed to bring allergen-free snacks.

Dress: Proper Winter Attire, including base-layers (longjohns), hats and gloves.
Snowpants while not required are a good idea. Alternatively, cadets can wear rain pants over regular pants. NO JEANS.
Special Requirement: WINTER BOOTS.

This activity requires that all participants have proper winter boots. We will be outside for most of the day; there will be snow and ice. Furthermore, this requirement is for safety and equipment reasons. The snowshoes we are issued are not compatible with any other kinds of footwear. WINTER BOOTS ARE A MUST. Any cadet arriving the morning of, without health card, water bottle (or similar) and correct footwear will be turned away. No Exceptions.

Miscellaneous: In addition to proper winter attire, Cadets are required to bring a water container.


Deadline to sign up is Feb 20