Below you will find important resources that will assist you throughout your time in the cadet program. Enjoy!

Instructor resouces


The instructional Guides (IG) break down the lesson into teaching points and provide the detailed knowledge necessary to deliver these points. Use these documents to plan your lessons. IGs also give you suggestions of the activities to use during the lesson, and provide all the material needed for the activities, usually found in the appendix for each PO.


The Qualification Standards and Plan (QSP) are used to develop the training program, and provide little information for the instructor.

Lessons are grouped into Performance Objectives (POs), which are sets of lessons under the same topic, and Enabling Objectives (EOs), which are the individual lessons. 


Lesson Plan Template

All lessons shall be taught with the instructor creating a lesson plan. The primary purpose of creating a lesson plan is to familiarize yourself with the content, and to create a teaching strategy.


Do not reinvent the wheel. Use the content and activities from the IG to develop the lesson plan.

There are two main columns for each teaching point. Put the info that you need to pass in the left, and in the right column ("Action"), write HOW you will teach that info. Explaining how you will deliver the content is more important than writing the content of the lesson.


There are many resources available to help you instruct, such as flip chart paper, markers, construction paper, copier, projector and much more. The Training Office is here to support you in delivering a dynamic and interesting class! If there are resources required for a lesson, please contact us in advance so that we can acquire and supply you with these resources. Professional development is also available; the OPI for instruction is Lt Reka, the Senior Instructor.

professional development

Class management

Managing a classroom full of cadets can seem daunting, especially in trying to balance keeping a positive vibe and keeping the cadets on topic. It's not that hard though if you follow a few very quick and simple tips.

Start by setting clear expectations, up-front and during each class. Use flip chart to write the FLOOR model and post it up.

The techniques in the yellow image all have one thing in common: you are the example. Manage issues in a way that you'd like to see your leader manage them.

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