Air Cadet Training

Royal Canadian Air Cadets participate in a nationally-directed curriculum which aims to develop in cadets the attributes of good citizenship, leadership, physical fitness and an interest in the Royal Canadian Air Force and aviation. Training is delivered at the Squadron-level, and complemented through summer training courses which are offered at Cadet Training Centres throughout the country.

There are two components of the Air Cadet Squadron training program:

Mandatory training: weekly training nights on Wednesdays, and a number of weekend exercises.

Optional training: extracurricular teams such as band, ground school, drill team, marksmanship, sports and effective speaking.

Squadron mandatory training

The badge for Level 5.

The badge for Level 5.

The Air Cadet mandatory training program, formally known as the proficiency level program, is carried out at the Squadron, which allows cadets to learn the appropriate knowledge and practice the skills necessary to achieve the cadet program participant outcomes. The proficiency level program is based on 30 training sessions (on Wednesday evenings) and a combination weekend activities. The program is divided into five proficiency levels (levels 1 through 5).

Each training level provides cadets with training in: citizenship, community service, leadership, physical fitness, marksmanship, cadet knowledge, drill and ceremonial, radio communication, aviation, aerospace, aerodrome operations, aircraft maintenance and survival.

Cadets in levels 3 and 4 receive training in instructional techniques, preparing them to take on the position of instructor at the Squadron. Senior cadets are the principle instructors for the lessons taught in the cadet program. The Squadron adult staff coach and mentor the instructors in order to develop them to a suitable level.


All cadets should be aware of the Mandatory Performance Objectives (PO) for their level. These PO are checked off as "Complete", "Completed without Difficulty", or "Incomplete". If you show up every training night, many of these PO are obtained through classroom instructions. The PO with 'X' are participation based (via sign-ups; events; fun activities, etc.).

If you miss a class, you are accountable to catch up on missed material from your peers, or from chain-of-command - your Flight Commanders/2ICs. There are several opportunities throughout the training year that you can meet these PO.

**Recruits are exempt from this until they receive their promotion

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