An air cadet on the Advanced Aviation Technology Course - Airport Operations, places a chock on an aircraft's wheel.

An air cadet on the Advanced Aviation Technology Course - Airport Operations, places a chock on an aircraft's wheel.


Summer Camp Contact Officer: Capt Manoharan


Cadets have the opportunity to participate in a variety of summer training opportunities throughout their career. Summer training courses offer more in-depth study and experience in a variety of different subject areas, and builds off of the training that is conducted at the Squadron. Air Cadets may apply for courses in: physical fitness, drill and ceremonial, aviation, aviation technology, air crew survival, marksmanship and music. Summer courses progress in scope and difficulty, and the intermediate and advanced level courses require the pre-requisite of completing certain training levels.

There are two main types of summer training courses: regional and national courses. Regional courses are offered in each region of Canada (military divisions of the country) and cadets compete against other cadets in the region for a spot on course. For a spot on a national course, cadets must compete against cadets from across the country through an intensive application and interview process.

Summer training courses take place at Cadet Training Centres (CTC) throughout the province of Ontario, and for some select courses, across the country. Most of our cadets attending regional training will be sent to CTC Blackdown (located at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Borden), CTC Trenton (located at 8 Wing Trenton), or at CTC Connaught (based out of the Connaught Ranges in Ottawa).

There are no costs to attend summer training, with transportation, lodging and meals being provided by the Department of National Defence. Cadets will be paid an allowance for each week of training in order to cover their incidental expenses.


There are limited spots available for each summer training course, and therefore not all cadets who apply will be selected for training. There is no guarantee that those who apply will be accepted for summer training. Cadets applying to both types of courses (regional and national) will be ranked by the Squadron Commanding Officer based on the following criteria:

  • Attendance in regular training

  • Attendance in mandatory parades

  • Participation in fundraising activities

  • Drill, dress and deportment

  • Recommendation of the level officer

These rankings are then sent to the Regional Cadet Support Unit, who will allocate cadets to courses according to quotas for the various Areas in Ontario. The Squadron generally receives Offers of Participation for cadets around late-April to mid-May.

learn about the courses

Descriptions of the summer training courses can be found here. Most of the courses take place at Cadet Training Centres in Ontario, however, those cadets who are fluent in French may choose to apply for a course in Eastern Region (Quebec).


Staff Cadets are the NCOs of the CTC. This is a paid, advanced leadership opportunity for cadets in level three and above. Learn more about this here.


Course dates

Cadet units in the Toronto area are assigned specific serials for the 2-week and 3-week courses. Please see below for the dates for the courses, which are exclusive of travel days.

Central Region courses (Ontario):

2-week courses: Serial B, 22 July-2 August
3-week courses: Serial A, 8-26 July
6-week courses: 8 July-16 August

Eastern Region courses (Quebec):

2-week courses: Serial C, 6-17 August
3-week courses: Serial B, 30 July-17 August
6-week courses: 9 July-17 August


The deadline for summer training applications is Wednesday, February 24, 2019. Research all the courses available, know the dates of the courses, and select up to three courses in order of preference (level 1s may only apply for GT). 

Click here to sign up for Summer 2019 training courses.

Click here for 2019 Course pamphlet

joining instructions


Joining Instructions (JIs) contain all the information needed to get prepared for a summer training.

Please take some time and carefully read over the JIs for the particular Cadet Training Centre that you will be attending. Be sure to print off and sign any forms that are applicable to you, and bring them with you to the summer training centre. If you are not sure where you are going, the first page of the Offer of Participation that you signed will have the location of your summer course.